A Gap Year Trip With My Dog

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I decided a couple of years ago to go to college to become a freelancer, doing all sorts of writing work for different clients around the world. Last year, I took a year off to travel, to gain a better understanding of the world and its cultures, so I would be able to write with more personal knowledge of different topics and places. Then I returned to college and will continue with my education so I can earn my degree.

When I went anywhere, I always took my best friend, Partner, who is my dog. I gave him such a name because my ex-boyfriend gifted him to me and just after a few days of receiving him, we went through a severe breakup. Since then, he’s been my partner with everything I do, and has helped me through a very painful time. He follows me like a shadow all the time, so I never thought of leaving him behind.

doggy with stick

In fact, I found him to be the best travel companion I could ever have wished for. Training him as a pup was almost effortless, and he is always ready to play and very much trustworthy. During my gap year adventures, I was taking a trip to Mexico, and as always, Partner was with me. We spent an amazing week there, visited a lot of places, especially beautiful Mexican beaches such as Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Cozumel.

Besides swimming and deep sea diving, I loved the nightlife there, and I also visited the El Cedral Mayan Ruins. After spending that fun week in Mexico, I was heading to San Francisco with Partner in my car, but on my way up there, he suddenly got sick. He stopped eating, vomited a couple of times, and was having nosebleeds. I also felt like he was dehydrated and whenever I touched him, his body temperature seemed to be hotter than usual. I was in shock, and almost panicked, but then I calmed myself and made a stop in Imperial Beach.

imperial beach

I started to look for a Vet, and fortunately, I found one very quickly. It was a smaller place named SeaCoast Veterinary Group. There was a female receptionist at the front desk, and she was very friendly and managed everything very quickly and efficiently. Even though it was a saturday, they instantly took me in as a emergency appointment. I took Partner in to a Vet who was very nice and took the time to listen to all of my concerns regarding the health of my dog.

Once I described the symptoms to the Vet, she suggested that my dog was most likely suffering from food poisoning and took a sample of Partner’s stool. The report was delivered soon after that, and during this time, my dog was very well taken care of. The staff were very efficient and friendly, and they carefully attended to Partner’s needs. The test confirmed the food poisoning, and the Vet put forth a wide range of options for filling the prescription. The cost for the whole treatment process was very affordable and I’m 100% satisfied with their services.

fortified dog food

More importantly, after Partner was given the first dose of the medicine, he was feeling better almost right away. After I wrapped up everything he needed, I fed Partner the specially fortified dog food suggested by the Vet, and while watching him eat, suddenly I realized how hungry I was! So, quickly, I grabbed some snacks from a nearby cafe and started to nibble on the food right away.

Finally, we were ready to hit the road to finish the rest of our journey to San Francisco. While I was getting inside my car with Partner, it came to my mind that my dog might have eaten something bad, most likely on the beaches of Mexico, which caused the food poisoning. Otherwise, there was no other reason for such an illness, as I always make it the highest priority to purchase the best food for my buddy, and he is fed every meal on time.

To make a long story short, we continued our journey to San Francisco, and my dog is all better and is just as active as before. That makes me extremely happy as well. We finished the rest of our journey without another incident, and once we reached home, I started to teach Partner not to eat anything that is not in his bowl!