Historical/Education Places To Visit On Your Gap Year Adventure: Part 1

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There are many historical places to visit in the world that lets you experience firsthand where things happened, whether it was bad or good. It’s a fascinating way to be where people of the past once stood, or on battlefields where wars were fought, to see what they might have felt or went through.

One of the most horrible, well known events in history was the holocaust. If you are going on an educational tour as part of your gap year adventure, this is something you must experience, as sad as it will be. On a brighter side, you will be seeing Germany and Poland, which are beautiful by themselves.

You can find out about a 10-13 day tour that will take you all around Germany to see many sites, including Auschwitz, Krakow, and Nuremburg at eftours.com. The site also has other tours as well, depending on what you’re looking for and will give you an idea of what they will cost.